Cloud security models to the rescue!

How a reference architecture helps your systems be more secure

Good morning everyone! Today on CyberForged we are going to look at a cloud cybersecurity model that is extremely simple and, although it is a bit generalist, it actually covers all the architectures recommended by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). But before we talk about the model itself….What is a…

Service and deployment models easily explained

Understand how the different forms of the cloud affect the cybersecurity

Good morning everyone! Today on CyberForged, we’re going to talk again about cloud and cybersecurity. To further dig into the topic, in this article we’re going to try to explain the different forms that cloud can take and the cybersecurity that applies to each of the forms. …

The definitive top 5 pentesting must-know

How to succeed at passing a pentesting process

Good morning everybody!

Today we are going to deal with a less narrative and more listing type topic. Do you remember when a few days ago we talked about pentesting? (you can find it

Pentesting is a testing process in which the system is subjected to predefined attacks that…

Miguel Angel Diaz Bautista

A computer science engineer, with an extensive background in balancing cybersecurity with bussiness.

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